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Welcome to clicksite free website builder.

Create a free website or paid premium website easily with clicksite CMS, content management system. You can take our free subdomain or use any top level domain names like .com or .net etc.

To create your website click on this link Create New Website.

Login or Signup as needed.

Creating a website is free and very easy. We will give you phone and email support. You can purchase your .com or .net or other domain name with us or use our free subdomain name. You can host any .com or .bd or .uk or .us or any other top level domain name from thousands of choices. Your subdomain will be activated as soon as you sign up. However you must contact us to publish your real domain name. Its a manual process on our end.

Demo: Your website will be same in format as this website, which was built using clicksite CMS in few minutes. It will have the same formatting but you will be able to change background and foreground images, font colors, menu arrangement and other settings after you create your website.

Features: Multiple Photo Gallery with many images with detailed description.
Front page image slide show using your gallery photos.
Multiple pages linked to your auto menu.

Free Website: You are welcome to build and maintain a free website with us. Including setup and maintenance support. 

Free Domain Name: You can get a free subdomain website like yourname.ourname.com or any yourname.com (net, org, info etc) or any other domain in the world. If you want a real domain then you must own it or let us register it for you. Please contact us to register your domain name.

Paid Domain Name: You can get any paid domain registered by us via freenom.com service. Freenom registers a bunch of free domain extensions and hundreds of paid domain extensions like .com .net etc. You must contact us to setup a real domain website to activate the domain on the server.

Already Own Domain Name ?: You can use it here if you already own a domain name. We can host .com .net .co.uk .us .info .online or any domain name in the world. Just create your free website with a free subdomain name and contact us to attach your existing domain name with your website.

Pricing: Anyone can build a website using clicksite software free of cost, with free support and setup help. However if you want our paid help to publish a professional website like yourname.com or yourname.ourname.com then you must pay us Tk300+ per year, depending on your needs. Please call us or contact us to publish your website professionally with a professional look and feel.

Email Service: We currently do not offer email service. But we are capable of offering anyname@yourname.com email services. If you need such services please contact us personally.

Disclaimer and Terms of usage: Our service is mostly free. We backup and maintain our servers regularly and use good quality fast SSD servers to build all websites.

However we dont guarantee anything as this is a freelancer based home based service. No office or customer visit is available. 

We wont be responsible if our server goes down, hacked, crashed etc. Even if your data is lost. Your business incurs any loss due to any fault on our end.

Termination of websites: After you build a free website, you must contact us to publish it on our web directory. If you keep a website incomplete for more than 3 months. We will delete it at any time.

Legal Terms: You may not create any adult or illegal content or link to any such websites using our services.

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